Transfluence: Leading with Transformative Influence in Today's Climates of Change



How do you lead with transformative influence in today’s complex world?


Transfluence: Leading with Transformative Influence in Today's Climates of Change

About the Book

Walt Rakowich brings a real-world perspective to leadership that’s based on experience, not just theory. Walt was CEO of Prologis, the world’s largest owner of industrial warehouses and a critical partner to companies distributing products throughout the global supply chain. The company was near bankruptcy when Walt took over at the height of the Great Recession. While leading Prologis back to prominence, and in the years since, Walt realized leaders today must lean into timeless values and principles, but with a fresh perspective on the new realities of our leadership climates.

The modern leadership environment exists at the convergence of three distinct and dynamic climates: the climates of access, diversity, and acceleration. On their own or in the aggregate, those climates produce significant opportunities and tensions that have challenged leaders for generations. With a fundamental understanding of these climates, leaders develop a selfless approach that withstands the toughest storms.

Transfluence shows leaders how they can have transformative influence by overcoming their fears and pride, building transparency into their leadership, developing a strong core of authentic values, and passionately pursuing a meaningful purpose. When leaders do this, they seize opportunities, embrace challenges, and make their organizations and communities greater than ever.


Chester Elton

bestselling author of All In, The Carrot Principle and Leading with Gratitude

“Walt Rakowich knows the challenges of leading a cultural transformation in a global recession and hard times. His insights and experience are perfect for helping leaders who will take us all into a better future. If you need a vision of the way forward, this book is your roadmap.”

Susan Packard

former COO of HGTV and author of New Rules of the Game and Fully Human

Transfluence dives into the work of inner leadership, a process all leaders need before they can effectively empower others. Honesty, humility, and heart, the author’s 3H-Core principles, are needed today more than ever before. This is a must-read for every aspiring leader.”

Joel Peterson

chairman of JetBlue Airways and the founding partner of Peterson Partners

“Trust is the cornerstone of great leadership. And Transfluence provides a proven approach to building trust in the challenging climates of the modern marketplace. This book is a must-read no matter where you are in your leadership journey.”

Tommy Spaulding

New York Times bestselling author of The Heart-Led Leader and It’s Not Just Who You Know

“Two sad days in my life: When I was ten years old and found out Santa Claus was not real. And when I was fifty years old and found out that many CEOs, business experts, and leadership authors were just like Santa Claus—not real. And then there are the Walt Rakowiches of the world. The 193 pages in this book will change the way you love and lead. And if you finish every page, it will also change the lives of all those who choose to follow you.”

Sheila Bair

chair, FDIC, 2006-2011

“Walt Rakowich is an unsung business leader who successfully rescued his company from the havoc of the Great Financial Crisis. For many years, I have served with Walt as a corporate director and can attest to his exceptional, transformative leadership skills. I highly recommend this inspirational book.”

Eric J. Barron

president, The Pennsylvania State University

“So many books on leadership are actually guides to management. Not only is Transfluence an exception, it is noteworthy by connecting leadership to the very essence of human nature.”

Sally Helgesen

author of How Women Rise, The Web of Inclusion and The Female Vision

“Lessons learned in the Great Recession will be front and center as organizations seek to pilot through the latest disruption. What Walt Rakowich’s learned—and did—while leading cultural transformation through that crisis has special relevance. A humane, insightful book that provides news we can use to adapt servant leadership practices to the demands of head-spinning change. Highly recommended.”