Walt Rakowich is a seasoned business executive who led the turnaround of an S&P 500 company at the height of the 2008 recession. Stepping in as CEO of Prologis after the stock had fallen over 96 percent within 10 months, Walt and his team redirected the global real estate company from what looked like inevitable collapse. He ultimately helped Prologis regain its position in the industry through transparent leadership methods that aligned with a set of core values: humility, honesty and heart.

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Performance Cues from the Pacific Rim


Kaizen strategy is an approach to leadership and organizational culture built on continuous improvement. I learned about its benefits from our team in Tokyo while CEO of Prologis

How Well Are You Working Your Problem?


If great problem-solving skills stood between you and saving your own life, would you get cracking on a solution? It’s easy to say, “Of course I would, Walt,” but it’s harder to do. Especially if you’re in Doug Lindsay’s position. In 1999, he was 21 years old and studying biology when he became suddenly ill. […]

Can Machines Teach Us to Be Better Leaders?


Reviewing the results of my first 360-degree assessment was an eye-opening experience in my leadership journey. It was 2006, and I was president and COO of Prologis, but I still had plenty to learn about leadership. The assessment brought me face-to-face with the gaps between how I saw myself and how others saw me. My […]

Leading Without Ropes


Lessons on leadership from the world’s greatest mountain climber If you spend a little time studying the amazing career of Alex Honnold, it won’t take long to reach a conclusion that goes something like this: That guy is just wired differently than the rest of us! That was my conclusion, anyway, and there’s actually some […]

Leading as conductor | Walt Rakowich

Glass house leadership

Walt discusses the importance of transparency in a world that sees leaders’ every move. “Smart leaders are intentionally transparent because they understand the world  that they are in, and they use it as an opportunity to demonstrate their purpose and their vision.”

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