Becoming a Mentor is Transformative

By becoming a mentor, you can help shape and guide young executives’ careers — both showing them the ropes and influencing them to live up to their professional potential.

being a mentor

As you reach certain milestones in your life, you become rich with experience and knowledge, and sharing this knowledge with a newcomer can be invaluable to them. All leaders need mentors in their lives. It’s natural.

I am particularly passionate about this topic because I’ll never forget the first time I volunteered to mentor a student. Giving back to future leaders cultivates a better business world and an increasingly conscious society. I whole-heartedly believe in the power of education, mentorship and serving up-and-coming leaders.

All leaders need mentors in their lives. tweet

One of the organizations I’m in involved in, Colorado UpLift, pairs mentors with students in Colorado, providing guidance on character skill sets from elementary school through high school graduation. I encourage each of you to find similar organizations in your communities. Mentorship is a life-changing relationship that lays the groundwork for our future leaders.

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