Keep Calm and Lead Transparently: A Q&A with Cheryl Bachelder

Joe Torre, Pope Francis, and Winston Churchill. What do three leaders from three very different worlds have in common? They all came up during my Q&A with Popeye’s CEO and Dare to Serve author Cheryl Bachelder because they all demonstrate the benefits of transparency in leadership.

If you’ve been reading this blog or following me on Twitter, you know I am passionate about this topic. Transparent leadership guided by humility, heart, and honesty is more important than ever. And Cheryl’s Serving Performs blog is an apt forum to share this message.

A friend and colleague, Cheryl is committed to showing how service-oriented leadership creates an environment primed for superior performance—smart teams, outstanding leaders, and impressive financial results. So she knows that transparency is essential to creating that brand of leadership.

Cheryl asked great questions, including what advice I have for leaders who are struggling with transparency in their organizations. Click here to read the full Q&A. I hope you’ll share your thoughts and questions in the comments at Cheryl’s blog, or in the comments section below.

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