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Fallout from the Panama Papers

The Panama Papers.

Sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it? Don’t be surprised if it becomes one. But for now, it’s like a really bad movie for the people connected to them – which, by the way, includes some famous actors and movie producers.

On the rare chance you haven’t followed this story, the Panama Papers are millions of confidential documents that were leaked from a powerful law firm known for helping people set up offshore bank accounts to hide their wealth and avoid taxes. It’s taken about a year for reporters to sift through them, but news stories are now regularly breaking.

As The New York Times put it, information from the papers indicates several “international politicians, business leaders and celebrities” have been involved in “a web of unseemly financial transactions” that raise “questions about corruption in the global financial system.”

To me, it’s just plain, old greed driven by selfishness, pride and ego.

The antidote? One word: Humility.

Humble leaders are driven by the greater good of the people around them, and, therefore, fight off the urge to hold on tightly to the things of the world. tweet this

Most of the people named in the Panama Papers have accumulated more material wealth than they’ll ever need. When they cheat the system to hide their money, what they’re really saying is that they don’t own their money — their money owns them.

So here’s the bigger question: What owns you?

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