Leading on Purpose [Colorado Uplift Interview]

Colorado UpLift builds long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth. As a proud supporter and chairman of its board, I was thrilled to sit down with CEO Joe Sanders and COO Brian Stamer for its new podcast – Leading on Purpose – and talk leadership, mentoring, trust, and the importance of communication.

The episode is available now!

Listen wherever you like to get your podcasts from, including: Apple: https://apple.co/2NKB5jR Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2uhlQb8 Stitcher: http://bit.ly/3auUdMq

Official description:

Walt Rakowich walked into a situation that had nowhere to go but up. Prologis (a global leader in logistics real estate) was slammed by the 2008 downturn, their stock was down 95%, and Walt was asked to assume to role of CEO. This week, Brian and Joe talk with Walt about some of his leadership lessons learned during his time at Prologis, the importance of being transparent, fighting against the hurry of everyday life, and how listeners can give back to their communities.

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