The Monday Playbook: How to Achieve Your Goals


» Ninety-four percent of people don’t achieve their goals.

What do the other 6 percent do? The consensus is that you don’t preoccupy yourself with the goal. Instead, use the goal to identify a direction and then focus on small, incremental changes, daily behaviors, and your system.


» Winning Words

Don’t worry about winning; just focus on doing your job at the highest level, every single play, and the wins will follow.

Sportscaster and coach

A focused mind is more productive. When you concentrate on one thing at a time, you are more likely to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

Director of training and development, Anderson Investigative Associates


» 3 Key Plays

1. Ignore the scoreboard

Former University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban had a revolutionary approach he called The Process. The ideas is to ignore the scoreboard and focus on each and every play as if it “had a history and life of its own … try to take the other team out of the game and make it all about us …”  His program became the gold standard in college football, and his players liked to chant “Get your mind right”—a fitting mantra for Saban’s approach.

November 3, 2013

2. Focus on the journey.

In a recent podcast interview, my host and I were talking the importance of daily, incremental influence on your team. Too often we’re consumed as leaders with increasing earnings, the financial things. The more important thing is the journey and how you’re getting there; the influence you’re having on everyone around you.

3. Forget about goals; focus on your system.

Goals are great for setting direction, but systems are best for making progress, explains Atomic Habits author James Clear. “If you’re an entrepreneur, your goal might be to build a million-dollar business. Your system is how you test product ideas, hire employees, and run marketing campaigns. If you’re a musician, your goal might be to play a new piece. Your system is how often you practice, how you break down and tackle difficult measures, and your method for receiving feedback from your instructor.” 

» What goal-achieving habit will you start today?

The Monday Playbook delivers a quick, motivational plan to help you win your week as you tackle universal challenges in leadership, business, and life. 

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