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Honesty, Humility, and Heart: The Values of Trust

The other day I came across what was described as a “classic” definition of trust: It said trust is when an individual shows consistency between words, actions, and results.

There are other formal definitions, of course, but most have to do with having confidence or a firm belief in someone (or something). And when it comes to human interactions, that trust is often based on the consistency of words, actions, and results.

While consistency of “words, actions, and results” are critical to trust, a deeper trust develops when we add something more powerful to that mix: Values. Not just any values, but values that provide a window into someone’s heart.

When a leader allows me to see into his or her heart, I quickly understand what matters to that leader and why. I learn the “why” behind the leader’s words, actions, and results. Values like honesty, humility, and heart – what I call a 3H-Core – show authenticity and create believability. Only through that type of transparency can we create deep, lasting trust.

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