Walt Rakowich is a seasoned business executive who led the turnaround of an S&P 500 company at the height of the 2008 recession. Stepping in as CEO of Prologis after the stock had fallen over 96 percent within 10 months, Walt and his team redirected the global real estate company from what looked like inevitable collapse. He ultimately helped Prologis regain its position in the industry through transparent leadership methods that aligned with a set of core values: humility, honesty and heart.

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Connecting the Dots of Faith and Curiosity


There’s a notion in some circles that religion suppresses curiosity, perhaps because religious leaders, being human, have a history stifling arguments that question their dogma. But I’ve found that a faith grounded in the pursuit of truth actually welcomes curiosity, because the questions that spring from curiosity reveal answers that lead to truth. With Easter […]

What These March Madness Moments Can Teach Us About Gracious Winning


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Flipping the Script on Gratitude


When you think of the process that results in success, you might put things in a particular order. For instance, you might start with creativity and planning, then add hard work, collaboration, ingenuity, and more hard work. Maybe you filter it through things like integrity and heart. And when all of that culminates in success […]

Leading as conductor | Walt Rakowich

Glass house leadership

Walt discusses the importance of transparency in a world that sees leaders’ every move. “Smart leaders are intentionally transparent because they understand the world  that they are in, and they use it as an opportunity to demonstrate their purpose and their vision.”

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