Walt Rakowich is a seasoned business executive who led the turnaround of an S&P 500 company at the height of the 2008 recession. Stepping in as CEO of Prologis after the stock had fallen over 96 percent within 10 months, Walt and his team redirected the global real estate company from what looked like inevitable collapse. He ultimately helped Prologis regain its position in the industry through transparent leadership methods that aligned with a set of core values: humility, honesty and heart.

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Delivering Bad News Can Lead to Giving Hope


Napoleon Bonaparte, the French statesman and military leader, was simultaneously celebrated, controversial and followed faithfully through many successful campaigns during the French Revolutionary Wars. Today, his strategies and campaigns are studied throughout the world. No doubt he had days when he needed to deliver grim news. He once said, “A leader is a dealer in […]

The Art of Delivering Bad News


We’ve all been there: You’ve made good progress on the first leg of your road trip, and you begin mentally checking the boxes of what you did before you left. Locked the door, check. Closed the windows, check. Turned the gas off on the stove…check? One my most memorable check-the-box stories was a trip I […]

How a SWOT Analysis Can Transform Your Leadership


The SWOT analysis is one of the most-used tools by leaders, and with good reason. When used correctly, identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats provides a foundation for effective strategic planning. As the CEO of Prologis, we included a SWOT analysis every year as we mapped out plans for our future. A SWOT analysis […]

What Flag Day Teaches Us About Tradition


I live in a country steeped in tradition. One of those many traditions is Flag Day. Though you may not recall the time of year as easily as Presidents Day or Memorial Day, I assure you there are countless towns across the country that claim to have been celebrating Old Glory long before an Act […]

Leading as conductor | Walt Rakowich

Glass house leadership

Walt discusses the importance of transparency in a world that sees leaders’ every move. “Smart leaders are intentionally transparent because they understand the world  that they are in, and they use it as an opportunity to demonstrate their purpose and their vision.”

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