Walt Rakowich is a seasoned business executive who led the turnaround of an S&P 500 company at the height of the 2008 recession. Stepping in as CEO of Prologis after the stock had fallen over 96 percent within 10 months, Walt and his team redirected the global real estate company from what looked like inevitable collapse. He ultimately helped Prologis regain its position in the industry through transparent leadership methods that aligned with a set of core values: humility, honesty and heart.

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What I Learned from John Shafer’s Dash


John Shafer made the most of his dash. You know about The Dash, right? It’s the poem Linda Ellis wrote in 1996 that talks about how our lives are represented by what happens between our birth and our death, aka the dash between the years that show up on our tombstones. For John, that was […]

Reverse Engineering Leadership


Most of us have experienced a time or two when we’ve deemed something interesting and wondered how that thing actually worked. Maybe we took it apart and put it back together. Maybe we took it apart and realized we had no idea how to put it back together! Or maybe we just Googled it. But […]

Johnny Miller’s Straight Shot from a Long-iron of Humility


Johnny Miller is a straight shooter. It’s a quality that served him well as a professional golfer – he won two majors, shot a 63 in the final round when winning the 1973 US Open, and is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. It also served him (and golf fans) well when […]

Driving off the Road of Integrity


There’s a scene in the recent children’s movie Smallfoot where a character named Percy Patterson comes up with a scheme to reignite the ratings of his once-popular wildlife television show. “What happened to your integrity?” his sidekick character says after she’s asked to put on a yeti costume so they can film a fake encounter […]

Leading as conductor | Walt Rakowich

Glass house leadership

Walt discusses the importance of transparency in a world that sees leaders’ every move. “Smart leaders are intentionally transparent because they understand the world  that they are in, and they use it as an opportunity to demonstrate their purpose and their vision.”

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