The Monday Playbook: How to Find Kindness


» People ask for assistance roughly once every two minutes, even if it’s a small request such as “Pass me the fork, please.”

Small acts of kindness happen all around us all the time. That’s worth celebrating. Global research indicates that across all cultures, people comply with those requests 79% of the time, typically without explaining why. But when they decline, 74% of the time they explain why they didn’t help.


» Winning Words

Happiness begins where selfishness ends.

Legendary basketball coach

You will find your sweet spot when you discover how you can best help others.

CEO, John C. Maxwell Companies


» 3 Key Plays

1. Notice kindness

If it’s happening every two minutes, spotting kindness and cooperation among those around you should not be hard. Unless, of course, you aren’t looking. Increase your awareness of how people are helping each other, even if in small ways. Turn mental notes into written notes so you don’t forget.

2. Reward kindness

Want to make someone smile? Tell them you noticed when they did something nice for another person. Want to really make their day? Reward them by celebrating their kindness with your team. You don’t need to throw a party every time someone agrees to help in some minor way like bringing a coworker their copies from the printer. But when you see good deeds adding up, look for opportunities to honor those actions.

3. Model kindness

The title of “leaders” comes with the responsibility of service. You simply can’t lead to your potential if you don’t act selflessly by elevating the needs of the people on your team.

» How will you celebrate kindness today in your circle of influence?

The Monday Playbook delivers a quick, motivational plan to help you win your week as you tackle universal challenges in leadership, business, and life. 

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