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Don’t Dribble Trust Off Your Foot

One of the most important components of a successful team is the chemistry that comes from mutual trust. You see it in winning sports teams, and you see it lacking in teams that struggle.

Teams like the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors win not only because they have great players and great coaches, but also because they operate in a culture of trust. Then there’s the once-proud, once-respected and now-beleaguered Los Angeles Lakers franchise.

Rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell, in what has been called a prank gone wrong, secretly video recorded a conversation with a teammate in which the teammate discussed his relationships with certain women. The prank wasn’t funny, especially when the video became public.

Insiders describe Russell as a talented but immature 20-year-old, and let’s hope he learns from his mistakes and flourishes personally and professionally.

But here’s something the rest of us can learn from this episode:

Our actions matter. Everything we do either builds or erodes trust. When we operate in secrecy, it costs us the trust of the people on our team. tweet this

But when we’re open and honest — when we’re truly transparent — the team rallies around us, on the court and off.

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