Culture of Trust: Honing the Leadership X Factor

Leaders who want to make their organizations more successful too often get so caught up in forward motion that they forget to bring the rest of the team with them. So how do you make sure your team comes along for the ride? Create a culture of trust.

Your culture typically makes or breaks you as a leader. As Mike Myatt pointed out in a recent article for Forbes, a toxic culture is code for poor leadership. Leaders who get culture wrong often are trying to copy other organization’s cultures without thinking about their people, context and purpose. To have a good culture of trust, a leader has to be caring, engaged and possess an understanding of how to use power in an appropriate way.

Your culture typically makes or breaks you as a leader. tweet

There is undoubtedly a link between the management team and the overall company culture. I’ve seen firsthand how a breakdown in leadership trickles through an organization and causes a toxic culture. And, as Myatt points out, “nothing inspires change and innovation like great leadership.”

I’d argue that the secret ingredient to changing a toxic culture is transparent leadership. Transparent leaders are those who build trust because they have nothing to hide. And without trust, a company has nothing.

What one-size-fits-all elements do you believe are essential to a good culture?

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