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The Gratitude Chronicles: Why A Grateful Heart is the Best Place to Start

Thanksgiving is a holiday that originated from the idea that we should collectively show gratitude for the harvest. It’s not a uniquely American idea, but we Americans have darn near perfected the celebratory feast, which dates back to at least 1691 when the 50 surviving passengers from the Mayflower spent three days dining with 90 members of the Wampanoag tribe.

As we’re reminded this week, gratitude works wonders because it changes us from the inside out. In my experience, starting each day with gratitude creates the mindset that allows success to bloom in our lives. Practicing gratitude throughout the day not only motivates and inspires me, but positions me to influence others for their good and the greater good. And it sets me up to experience contentment so that success isn’t just about results.

Look at the things you have and the people you appreciate. You’ll soon remember how many reasons you have to be thankful for your present, which will give you hope for your future.

The roundup of posts below should help you learn how to build up and use the good habit of being thankful.

Thanksgiving is a time if intentional gratitude and time to take stock

The Email: A Note that Led to a Thanksgiving Challenge

A few years after retiring as CEO of Prologis, I received one of those emails you want to keep forever. And as we enter into our annual day of intentional thanksgiving, it provides me two simple gratitude challenges worth remembering throughout the year.

Reasons to be Thankful Even When It’s Hard

There’s never a time to lead without gratitude, but it becomes especially important during difficult times because that’s when it’s easiest and most natural to abandon it.

How Gratitude Powers Our Ability to Positively Influence Others

Gratitude, hope, and happiness are inextricably linked and affect our past, present, and future respectively.

The Gift of a Grateful Heart

During this time of year, I find myself surrounded by many reasons to be thankful, which is why I’m reminded of a remarkable letter I received from Elena Vasquez while I was CEO at Prologis.

Why This Tradition of a “Thank You” Will Inspire Your Future Success

It was an early mentor who instilled this practice of gratitude that is fundamental to building your reputation and achieving your professional goals.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.

John F. Kennedy, Proclamation 3560, 1963

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