The Transfluence Movement is Built on the Language of Transparency

Much of my approach to leadership can be summed up in one word: Transfluence.

What’s that? Well, for the deeper explanation, you’ll need to read my book, tentatively scheduled to publish in the fall of 2020. For now, check out this video and I’ll give you a quick summary of how transparency and influence merge to create transfluence in leadership.

In the weeks and months to come, you’ll learn more about transfluence through this blog, both in video and in written form. Your feedback and input on the topic is valued and appreciated.


leadership that is positively influential in a transformative way.

Video transcript:

Transfluence is the powerful influence that a leader can have on others through the use of transparency. I’m not talking about transparency in the sense of being open or in the sense of “telling it like it is.” I’m talking about a different kind of transparent. Transparency that is more authentic. A transparency that is more from the heart. if you will. I say a transparency that provides a window into a leader’s soul. That type of transparency can make a powerful influence on the lives of others that the leader is leading.

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